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or James @ 316-841-4612
Verbal Reservation Program!
To make a verbal reservation you can text or call us at (316)841-4612 or email us at [email protected] with your preference of a male or female puppy and the litter you are wanting a puppy from.

Making a verbal reservation allows you to get in line for either a male or female puppy from our next Goldendoodle or Irish Doodle litter with no deposit required at this time.

Your place in line for choosing a male or female puppy will be in the order that we receive your verbal reservation request. Please be sure to designate male or female.

After a litter is born, a deposit of $300.00 will be required to continue to hold your place in line for choosing your puppy. At this time you can choose to opt out with no obligation.

If there are not enough puppies, male or female, available for your choice, you have the option to be placed on the reservation list for our next litter.

A list of the verbal reservations received and the order they are in will be on the page of the future litter you are interested in.  
Thanks so much!

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