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     About our Mothers & Fathers!

    Our Irish Setter female is UKCI Registered and our red Standard Poodle male is AKC Registered. (See a pictures of each below) They were both raised as pets by us since weaning.  We feed high quality dog food, follow worming, vaccination, and health evaluation schedules recommended by our veterinarian, and provide for ample exercise and recreation time. They are home and ranch raised and well socialized with typical ranch animals including our horses, our 2 Blue Heeler ranch dogs, cats, and a occasional rabbit or squirrel as well as our grandchildren and local children who enjoy seeing our puppies.  Be sure to scroll through this full page and visit the other pages for more information.

 Thanks for visiting our web site and enjoy!

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Deposit or Payment

"Deposit/ Reservation Information"

Because of the considerable interest in our puppies and in the interest of fairness, we have set up the ability for you to reserve your place in line for choosing a puppy depending on the color and sex desired.

​The $250.00 deposit/reservation will be honored in the order the deposit/reservation is received. This will reserve your place in line for choosing your puppy based on the color and sex you have indicated.

Below is a chart that will indicate which puppy picks are reserved and which ones are still available.

Once you reserve your place in line, we will let you know as soon as it is your turn to choose from the puppies available, again based on the color and sex you indicated at the time of your reservation.

We do suggest that choices be made after they are 4 weeks old- this way the mother is much less anxious and the puppy's little personalities are starting to show. Choice can be made in person by appointment or by pictures and video if distance is a problem.

If for any reason there is no puppy available that meets the preferences you indicated, we will gladly return your deposit.

Deposits can be most timely made by using "PayPal"- you will find the link for "PayPal" at the bottom of this page. Also, payment can be made by credit card in person or by phone if preferred. 

Please feel free to call or text us with any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest in our wonderful puppies.

Click on links below for excellent information on Irish Doodles!
Irish Doodles are known for being very lighthearted and devoted. 

Lighthearted and friendly like the Setter but low to non shedding and hypoallergenic like the Poodle though even in the same litter there can be some variations of these qualities.

A great family dog, smart and very loyal. 

A confident dog, likes to please, can be clownish, and loves to entertain and be the center of attention. 

Has a fair amount of energy and will expect a lot of attention especially when younger. 

Early training and socialization is important to avoid being aggressive with strangers though this is not the case for all Irish Doodles. 

Good with other animals and kids too.

The Irish Doodle weighs 45 to 70 pounds- a medium to large dog. Stands 22 to 28 inches tall. Has a wavy shaggy long coat and common colors are black, tan, red, white and brown. 

Generally has moderate activity needs.

See links below for more information.
Visit our Verbal Reservation page for more info or call or text us if you have any questions!

See below for individual pictures!
Red F1b Standard Irish Doodle litter born June 26, 2019: Ginger & Phoenix: See near top of this page for Mom's picture! 
Call, text or email us to reserve one for you!
Ready for new homes August 21, 2019
Call or text for same day video of any puppy or puppies you would like to see! Or you can make an appointment to come see them! We welcome any calls or text if you have any questions!
Age on the picture/video was their age when picture/video was taken!
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New litter due around September 14, 2019! 
F1 IrishDoodle puppies! Let us know any questions or if you would like to be on our "Notification" or "Verbal Reservation" list.

Available puppies below!

F1 Irish Doodle Puppies!
Kaycee & Phoenix: see Verbal Reservation page for Mom & Dad's pictures!
D.O.B.  9-12-2019
Reservations Available!

Older F1b Irish Doodles Puppies below these!
Reservations Available!
Click here for video!
Adopted: by Cathy H.