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We, Cindy and James both work in medical professions. Cindy as a Certified Nurses Aide, Intensive Care Technician and Lab Tech, and James as a Registered Nurse. We both have worked at our local hospital and living center, St Luke,  for nearly 9 years. As we get ever closer to retirement we have found that working with dogs is quite rewarding- there aren't many things more pleasurable than being around puppies except maybe grandchildren! Also, with our medical experience, we know the importance of good health including nutrition, exercise, genetics, preventive and medical care, and over all attention to well being.
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We are currently in the process of aquiring both federal and state licensing which requires proper care of dogs including healthful facilities, appropriate medical care and nutrition, and an environment that promotes happiness and health. There are also National GoldenDoodle associations that we are anxious to join and be a part of in regards to breeding guidelines and their code of ethics.
On a more personal note, we have been married for 41 years (42 this year), have 3 grown children and 6 amazing grandchildren ranging in age from 17 to 3 years old. By the way, grandchildren are great at socializing new puppies- I hope they don't start wanting to charge us for this service!!!

Also, we are people of faith and truly believe in God, honesty, and integrity in all aspects of our lives.
One of our favorite sayings: Perfection is not possible for us but while striving for perfection, we achieve excellence!
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